Dieting The Right Way

Fad diets pop up all the time guaranteeing quick weight loss. Currently, low-carb or no-carb diets are trending as well as high protein and high-fat diets. While these fashionable diets can result in some quick weight loss, they are often not sustainable and can have mild to severe health consequences.

The truth is that your body needs all the different food groups to function optimally as well as the nutrients that each provides. But this doesn’t mean that you can eat everything all the time and expect to lose or maintain weight. They key is to eat a balanced diet. But what exactly is a balanced diet and what does it mean?

A balanced diet gives your body the required protein, carbohydrates and fat that it needs. In other words, every meal should include carbs for energy, protein to build and fats for other essential bodily functions. Fruit and vegetables are also essential to provide fiber as well as other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Moderation and healthy alternatives are however keys to mastering a balanced diet. Replace larger meals with smaller servings and ensure that all the different food groups are represented in the optimal proportion. Opt for whole grains and stay away from processed foods.

A good rule to follow is to select a plate that is smaller than the standard dinner plate and divide this into 4 equal segments. Your protein and fat should make up 1/4, your carbohydrates another quarter and your vegetables the other 2 quarters. In general, a minimum of one green vegetable and one orange or other color veg is recommended.

Although a balanced diet may not provide the quick results associated with fad diets, the weight loss is far more sustainable which means that you are more likely to keep off the weight that you will lose. Pair consistent weight loss through diet with working out and wearing a waist trainer, and you will see your waist shrink and your proportions get much better! The Waist Trainer Reviewer recommends starting off wearing your waist trainer 5 hours a day and then slowly increase that time up to 8 hours a day if it is comfortable and tolerable for you.

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